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Company or corporate photography is a very powerful manner to advertise your products and/or services.
Don’t hesitate to contact the companies for more information. Some examples:

Sheila’s dance studio Meiers gives belly dance and fit dance lessons with passion and pleasure (www.dansstudiomeijers.nl)

Top of the World Travel is a travel agency specialised in the Himalaya: Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India (www.topoftheworld.nl) (see also Nepal by PictureWorld Photography)

Etalian e-scooters: sale of electric scooters in Italian style (www.etalian.nl)

Mi Dushi: school for world music and movement (djembe, didgeridoo, belly dance & yoga) (www.midushi.nl)

De Hanze funeral services: ensuring a loving farewell together (www.dehanzeuitvaartzorg.nl)

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